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About Me

My name is Adena Blickstein, MD, MPH. I am a licensed clinical child/adolescent psychiatrist, business leader, and educational child advocate.

I work with empowered parents who are seeking to optimize mental health and well being of themselves and their children, who desire authentic connections with their partners and kids but feel blocked. Parents I work with want expert guidance with someone who can understand when a child needs medication and psychiatric services vs. when a family needs an educational change or family therapeutic intervention.  My parent clients are also 

ready and willing to heal and invest in their own growth and transformation as individuals on a healing journey.

My services include parenting training, screen addiction counseling, educational consulting, and medication management. I offer home visits and referrals to our amazing team of Conscious Providers.

As a result, my clients feel secure, grounded and confident in their parenting which helps them enjoy their role as parents and enjoy their children.

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Traditionally Trained, Spiritually Guided
Holistic Pediatric Psychiatrist
on The Cutting Edge of Mental Health Innovation 
About Dr. Blickstein
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