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Hindu Wedding Ritual

Saturday February 4th

1-5pm - 541 W.25th St., NY 10001


Look UP!

Stop looking down at your phone!

Learn about Text Neck at the Cosmic Dragon Conference 


Awaken to the world around you! Be inspired with healing stories at the Cosmic Dragon Conference!

Fall In Love!

Learn about Love and Sex and Brain Health at the Cosmic Dragon Conference!


Matthew Morgan is a contemporary circus artist specializing in aerial straps. Originally from Boston, MA, Matthew trained for a year at the circus school of Quebec before moving to New York and beginning his circus career professionally. In addition

Matthew Morgan Par Mario Mayes-2.jpeg

Special Guest

to aerial straps, he is

proficient in various

disciplines such as hand

balancing, acrobatic

dance, dance trapeze, and

hand to hand. Matthew’s

artistic work explores themes

such as human connection,

isolation, and self image

through the medium of circus.

Keynote Speaker:
Dave deBronkart

What does a rational mind do when confronted with an existential disaster? Dave deBronkart was unexpectedly diagnosed as almost dead from metastatic kidney cancer. There were no sure cures, and the only thing that sometimes worked could also kill you. An MIT graduate, he knew science alone wasn’t enough this time, and he used every social and mental tool he had. His book Laugh, Sing, and Eat Like a Pig tells the story, and today he’s a global keynote speaker for patient power, with hundreds of events in 26 countries.

Dave deBronkaty.png

"...When what the system is offering is not working or just doesn’t seem satisfying, it’s time to ask: what’s important to me? Can I pursue it whether or not the system is pointed in that direction? Can I start to find my own balance as I define it?"

Conscious Provider Network Members

Dr. Tsakalos was born and raised In New York who received his undergraduate Bachelors in Science degree at Queens College and received his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Sherman College of Chiropractic in September of 2020. Upon graduating he practiced along side another DC in long island NY and then moved to Greece. He served and helped expand the two family owned current practices in the city of Thessaloniki for a year. Dr Konstantinos strives and truly empowers individuals to live life to their fullest potential. He’s very passionate about serving individuals of all ages, he listens, cares, and most importantly gets results. He delivers specific, and scientific Chiropractic care, being equipped with the knowledge and diversity of many different Upper Cervical techniques as well as many full spine techniques, equipped to use his hands or instrument adjustments.

Robyn Gaillard is a mind-body connection wellness & healing arts care practitioner. Her sessions and workshops with adults and teens incorporate yoga, reiki, breathing & meditation exercises, and HeartMath strategies. She emphasizes grounding and aligning the physical body, emotional release, and nervous system regulation in support of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance. Her services include one-on-one client sessions, corporate and educator wellness, and wellness in education. Visit to learn more about Robyn and working with her.

Michael Rosenbaum has been a transformational hypnotherapist for over 20 years. He has certifications as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Metaphysician Practitioner, Trascendental teacher, Regression and past-life regression therapist, RoHun Practitioner, and natural health coach. He helps clients struggling with anxiety, persistent worry and who feel stuck and unsure how to move forward in their lives. Using hypnotherapy, regression therapy, RoHun therapy and guided meditation he empowers them to use the inner mind to discover the root cause of their anxiety and create a permanent shift in the programming of their subconscious mind. Through working with him, they feel calm, optimistic, and empowered to face their issues head on and build lives that they can freely enjoy.

Special Guest

Dumari St Angelo, The True Love Coach, is the owner of The School Of Lasting Love, with 30+ Meetup groups across the US & Canada. She's also the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, The Gift Of Divorce, A Journey of Empowerment Through Self-Love. Dumari facilitates popular, heart-opening, and fun workshops, as well as life-transforming programs that empower singles to find the love they desire.

Her divorce and a deep desire to experience lasting, fulfilling love became the catalyst for creating the life she's always dreamed of. One that is full of love, connection, and joy! Her mission is to magnify the experience of true love on the planet by helping others find that love from a place of connection to themselves.

Dumari's quest for true love has led her to become a Life Transformed® Coach, hypnotherapist, and lifelong student of love, metaphysics and manifesting. The tools and knowledge she's gained through her 30+ years of experience delving deep into deliberate creation principles have helped her create powerful programs to help others experience higher-quality love in their lives.

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