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for children’s mental health

The Conscious Provider Network

The Conscious provider network is a business networking community for holistic providers built by Teal Dragon healing LLC, a holistic pediatric psychiatry company geared at offering the most efficacious Holistic and integrative services for children and families.

The mission of the network is to enhance members' businesses through referrals across the network, increase collaboration of care for family healing, and offer the public the most progressive, innovative and powerful healing modalities across the world.

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Teal Dragon assists heart-centered entrepreneurs in achieving your unlimited abundance through trauma-informed business coaching, a community of like-minded, energetically aligned professionals, and an incredible business incubator to help you harness your unique gifts to positively impact the world. Everything you need to scale and succeed. 

Member Benefits:

  • Free and Discounted Events 

  • 15% off Private Soul-Aligned Business Coaching with Dr. Blickstein

  • Opportunities to Showcase and Promote Services to the Public 

  • Opportunities to Collaborate in Servicing High Need Families

  • Referrals from other members to build and Scale Business 

  • Opportunity to Interview for EMERGENCE our heart-centered entrepreneurial incubator. 


Our Members

steve pic 2023.jpg

Stephen Quinn has been doing energetic healings since 1995, helping thousands of people improve their lives and overcome countless ailments. He has a specialty in the treatment of addiction, particularly in helping people to overcome alcohol addiction, stop smoking, quit sugar addiction, and overcome behavioral addictions. He has extensive experience in working within the human energy field with direct healing application and ever new and increasing healing connections.

Stephen has developed his skills through countless workshops and trainings in the US, Europe and the Middle East as well as within his own personal development and healing practice.

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