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for children’s mental health

Parenting Resilience

Child-Centered Parenting aims to create a harmonious, resilient, and mutually respectful relationship between parents and children. The curriculum emphasizes practical skills, self-awareness, and collaborative communication for sustainable positive outcomes in family dynamics.

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The Conscious provider network is a business networking community for holistic providers built by Teal Dragon healing LLC, a holistic pediatric psychiatry company geared at offering the most efficacious Holistic and integrative services for children and families.

The mission of the network is to enhance members' businesses through referrals across the network, increase collaboration of care for family healing, and offer the public the most progressive, innovative and powerful healing modalities across the world.


The online course "Create Your Dream Family" offered by the Teal Dragon focuses on understanding and transforming anger through the concept of anger alchemy. The course delves into the nature of anger as a powerful force that arises when desires are thwarted or boundaries are crossed. Participants learn how to harness the energy of anger and channel it into inspired and empowered action.The curriculum emphasizes that anger can lead to a sense of restriction and blockage of universal life force energy, hindering positivity and relationships. It highlights the importance of somatic techniques to ground anger in the body and then utilize mental connections to identify inspired actions for transformation.


One key aspect of the course involves practicing "dragon techniques" to alchemize anger. Participants are encouraged to sit on the floor, curve their bodies in a sea-shaped motion, extend their heads from the ground, and release a large, angry grunt sound while connecting to their root energy chakra. This practice is recommended to be repeated five times daily to facilitate the transformation of anger.Additionally, the course covers topics such as relational attunement disorder, aiming to enhance participants' understanding of relational dynamics and improve their ability to connect with others effectively. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, the course equips participants with tools to navigate anger, transform it into positive energy, and cultivate healthier relationships within their families and beyond.

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