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  • What happens during a home visit with Dr. Blickstein?
    Dr. Blickstein engages in therapy, assessment, or counseling tailored to the child's needs. They may observe interactions, discuss concerns with family members, and offer guidance or treatment plans.
  • Are home visits as effective as office-based appointments?
    Home visits can be equally effective, providing a more relaxed setting that allows Dr. Blickstein to observe the child in their familiar environment.
  • What are the benefits of having Dr. Blickstein visit my home?
    Benefits include convenience, reduced stress for the child, observation of family dynamics, and personalized treatment in a familiar setting.
  • Are there any specific conditions or situations where home visits are recommended?
    Home visits are recommended for children with anxiety, behavioral issues, mobility constraints, or those who struggle in clinical settings.
  • How long does a typical home visit from Dr. Blickstein last?
    The duration varies but typically ranges from 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the session's purpose and the child's needs.
  • How frequently will Dr. Blickstein visit my home?
    Frequency depends on the treatment plan and Dr. Blickstein's recommendation, which might range from weekly to monthly visits.
  • What are the costs associated with home visits from Dr. Blickstein?
    Costs can vary based on location, duration, and Dr. Blickstein's fees. Insurance coverage might also influence the out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Can I request a home visit if my child is uncomfortable visiting an office?
    Yes, Dr. Blickstein offers home visits to accommodate such situations.
  • What safety measures are taken during home visits?
    Dr. Blickstein often ensures safety by conducting pre-visit assessments, verifying addresses, and having protocols for emergency situations.
  • Are there any geographical limitations for home visits?
    Geographical limitations might exist based on Dr. Blickstein's practice area and policies.
  • How do I schedule or cancel a home visit appointment with Dr. Blickstein?
    Contact Dr. Blickstein's office directly to schedule or cancel appointments, following their specific procedures.
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