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Dr Blickstein, Holistic Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist

Dr Blickstein, Holistic Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist

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Parent-Focused Child Psychiatry 

"Parent Training has given me a set of tools and user manual to help implement a new way of communicating with our eldest child. a technique more aligned with how i'd approach a business negotiation. ie; treating the person on the other side of the table as an adult." Alan parent of 16 year old

Offering Empowered Parents Transformational Family Programs

Dr. Blickstein is a child/parent relationship expert and Child Adolescent Psychiatrist.

About Dr. Blickstein

Child-Centered Parent Training Curriculum

Dr. Adena Blickstein MD, MPH



Level I - Start Date November 14th 2023 $300 off if registration by October 31st 



**Session 1: Introduction to Child-Centered Parenting**

-   Welcome and introductions- Confidentiality, camera on

  • Overview of Child-Centered Parenting (CCP) 

  • What is Parenting? What is the Role of A Parent?

  • How Does one become an outcome-independent parent? 


**Session 2: Skill Building: Building a Healthy Parent-Child Relationship

  • How do you Rate your Relationship with your Child?

  • What does a healthy relationship look like? - The Cycle of Harmony, Disharmony and Repair 

  • Skill: Emotional Decoding, Active Listening 

  • Role Play 

  • Homeplay 


**Session 3: Whose Problem is it? Parenting Effectiveness Training Readings

  • Over-ownership of Problems

  • Skill: Healthy Expression of Anger Towards Kids

  • Holding in Stress and Resentment 

  • Role-play and case studies for practical application


**Session 4: Authoritarian vs. Permissive and the illusion of Parental Control 

  • How can we move beyond control to development of true intimacy 

  • The role of Individuation 

  • Skill- Understanding our Narcissistic Ways and why they are ineffective and harmful 



**Session 5: The Parental God-Complex

  • Parents are Human Beings Too

  • How to express our feelings without emotional dumping?

  • What is the difference between guilt and responsibility?


**Session 6: Sharing Wins!

  • Reassessing the Relationship 

  • Review of Feedback Surveys 

  • Takeaways

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