Catalyzing Mass Healing 

Self-realization begins now.


About Me

My name is Adena Blickstein, MD, MPH.  I have created Teal Dragon to facilitate healing on a microcosmic and macrocosmic level by providing divine healing experiences that catalyze the unfolding of the unconditioned divine self. My vision is that every human being on Earth reaches a level of consciousness of self-realization through a revelatory process of unfolding whereby they begin to understand that any limit that they are confronted with in their human experience is merely an illusory projection of an internalization of an experienced external experience. Every behavior and thought we have, stems from a sponsoring thought that is based on either love or fear or spectrums therein. The process of purification therefore is moving towards the love end of this spectrum.  

I am a catalyst and facilitator to guide you on this step towards purification in order for you to achieve self-realization and understand who you really are, that might be against the notions of who you thought you were that were concepts learned and absorbed from society, and/or parents. Every human being has the capacity to heal their mind, body and spirit, if this is their will to do so. 


I look forward to assisting you on the wonderful journey.