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Young Parents

TEal Dragon Healing
Offering Empowered Parents Transformational Family Programs

Heal with Teal And 
Transform your FAmily

Dr. Blickstein is a child/parent relationship expert and Child Adolescent Psychiatrist.

About Dr. Blickstein

As featured in:

Family Focused Healing -
8 weeks

A curated healing modality for familes with complex psychodynamic dysfuction that need a holistic and collaborative approach to care because everyone deserves a functional family 

Parent Training -
6 weeks 

6 week course in Parenting Effectiveness Training where you learn how to actively listen, and develop authentic loving relationships with your children

Wean from the Screen -
8 weeks

Move From despair to relief and learn how to develop authentic connections with your children away from screens.

Educational Consulting

Expert consulting that guides you to find the perfect match for your unique child's educational profile

Psychiatric Consulting

Expert Bussiness and clinical consulting for progressive mental health companies interested in expanding their reach and hiring the perfect talent

Multi-Provider Service: Click Here

Discover a harmonious fusion of East and West homeopathy and allopathy integrative medicine and pharmacotherapy that will provide everything you need to transform your life and heal.

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