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We are a consulting company that partners with institutions all over the globe to assess the behavioral health needs of the organization, strategically advise, and provide curated and tailored behavioral health service offerings for the enhancement of psychoeducation, community support, and mental health and wellness interventions.



About Me

My name is Adena Blickstein, MD, MPH. My background is in child psychiatry and public health and I have created Teal Dragon not just to see patients, but largely to create sustainable infrastructure that will change the way child psychiatry and overall behavioral health is being done. My vision is that every pediatric clinic in the country and the world becomes a "Teal Dragon Clinic" and I truly believe the impact on children's care can be profound when varying specialities work as one team. I feel passionate about addressing the pain points in our current system, and I am convinced children are not generally mentally ill but are living and being "fed" within a sick and dysfunctional infrastructure causing them to be ill. I work within this philosophical framework both on a microcosmic level, when I work with individual families, and hope to continue this philosophy through Teal Dragon on a macrocosmic level. Behavioral dysregulation among children is largely the result of reactivity to their environment, be it parents, school, or a fragmented medical/educational infrastructure, so the best and deepest way to help children is to create integrated, patient-centered environments, which though today are not the norm, with leadership and collaboration, will be. 



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