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The Dragon Child

As a child psychiatrist in NY, I saw many children who were trapped in the foster system. That is why I have created The Dragon Child Foundation whose mission is that every single Child born on planet Earth has a nurturing environment with which to thrive with at least one consistent, available, secure and nurturing caregiver for the continuum of their life.

Intuitive education
for the Spiritually Gifted

Dragon Children are children born with special intuitive talents yet are placed in the most horrific of physical and socioeconomic circumstances as children. Many of these children are currently in foster care or children’s homes and in environments that lack understanding of their gifts and their potential to contribute to the world. The Dragon Child Foundation is an international organization to raise money to build sanctuaries where these children are nurtured, cherished and educated as the divine beings that they are. Dragon children are placed on Earth to serve as the future spiritual leaders of humanity.


The elimination of “free (guardianless) children” through

1. The elimination of childhood trauma via the elimination of transgenerational trauma via parent empowerment.

2. Increase the accessibility, appeal, and heart-centered training of foster care among families in mainstream society.

3. The building of new systems of heart-centered, integrated healing hubs for children globally.

Dragon Child Benefit Performances


If you have talent in production, casting, event planning, film, music are touched by our mission, Please reach out to collaborate with us. Please contact us for more information.


Fundraise Five Million Dollars

1. Build Dragon Child sanctuaries which are global heart-centered healing hubs to nurture children disowned by their own biological families.

2. Support the creation of heart-centered parenting empowerment and training for foster families.

3. To inspire children with through creation of a new positive mainstream pop culture which honor the following values:

  • Honoring ourselves: Sex positivity, wellness, mindfulness

  • Honoring others: Human rights

  • Honoring our planet: Sustainability and conservationism

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