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Modern Parenting: How to Help Kids Manage Screen Time and Stay Balanced

Parenting today faces a big challenge because of all the screens and gadgets around. Kids are spending a lot of time on screens, and it's important for parents to help them manage their screen time effectively. This is where Teal Dragon Healing comes into play. Teal Dragon Healing, led by Dr. Adena Blickstein, is here to guide you through this journey with a holistic approach.

"With Dr. Adena Blickstein, you're not just getting a psychiatrist; you're getting an advocate, a healer, and a partner in your family's well-being journey."

Meet Dr Adena Blickstein

Dr. Adena Blickstein is not just a licensed clinical child/adolescent psychiatrist; she is a compassionate advocate for children's education and well-being. With a wealth of experience in the field, Dr. Blickstein's expertise goes beyond traditional psychiatry. Her holistic approach to healing and dedication to helping children and parents shines through in her work. As the driving force behind Teal Dragon Healing, she offers a unique blend of professional knowledge and a personal touch. Dr. Adena is committed to empowering parents, guiding them through the challenges of modern parenting, and helping children find a healthy balance in the digital age.

  • Guidance for Screen Boundaries

Dr. Adena understands that setting boundaries around screen time can be a challenge. She provides tailored advice on how to strike the right balance between screen use and other activities. With her expert guidance, you can help your child develop healthier screen habits.

  • Personalized Screen Addiction Counseling

When it comes to screen addiction, one size doesn't fit all. Dr. Blickstein offers personalized counseling to address your child's specific needs. This personalized guidance ensures that your child receives the support they require to overcome their addiction.

  • Educational Consulting for a Well-Rounded Child

Sometimes, screen addiction may be a result of underlying educational issues. Dr. Adena's expertise goes beyond psychiatry; she can help identify whether your child's screen time is a symptom of a larger educational concern. Her educational consulting can be a game-changer for your child's growth.

  • Medication Management When Necessary

In some cases, children may require medication to manage mental health conditions. Dr. Blickstein has the knowledge and experience to determine when medication is needed and when it's not. Her personalized approach ensures that your child's well-being is the top priority.

  • Home Visits for Comfort and Convenience

Teal Dragon Healing offers the unique convenience of home visits. Dr. Adena and her team can come to your home to provide support and guidance. This personal touch can make the healing process more comfortable for both you and your child.

  • Referrals to a Dedicated Team of Conscious Providers

Dr. Blickstein collaborates with a team of professionals, each specializing in a unique field of healing. These practitioners are dedicated to your child's well-being, offering a holistic approach that addresses not only screen addiction but also their overall development.

Teal Dragon Healing: Shaping a Bright Digital Future for Your Child

Adena Blickstein and her team at Teal Dragon Healing understand that modern parenting comes with its unique challenges. They are here to offer compassionate, personalized care and a holistic approach to help you and your child manage screen time and find balance in a screen-dominated world. With their support, you can nurture your child's growth and well-being in the digital age.

"A true advocate for the well-being of both parents and children, Dr. Adena Blickstein offers a holistic approach that empowers families to find their own healing journey, promoting secure, grounded, and confident parenting."

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