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The Learning Lab

​Introducing an integrated curriculum that builds children’s cognitive, emotional, and intuitive skills and assists in building emotionally balanced, integrated and compassionate human beings who understand their purpose in the world.

Happy Children

Medically and Educationally Integrated three tiered approach  


  • Science 

  • Medicine 

  • Engineering 

  • Technology 


  • Emotional Self regulation  

  • Trauma integration and healing 

  • Self-care through nutrition, Mindfulness and meditation 


  • Energy Healing 

  • hypnosis 

  • Telepathy 

  • Intuitive Training

  • soul integration 

Teal Dragon Makers 11-15

Cooking and Nutrition 

Medical Innovation and Technology 

Emotional Regulation, digital and sleep Hygiene 

Teal Dragon Shakers 16-18

Dragon Child Teen Leadership Internship

Porn Literacy and Online Dating 

Gender Identity and Healthy Sex and Romance 

Conscious Careers and work/life balance 

Teal Dragon Breakers 18-22

Lightworkers Collective 

Teal Dragon Ascended Advisors -22+

Earthshake Advisors

Sanctuary Hub Leaders 


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