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Discovering Healing and Hope: Depression Treatment by Adena Blickstein at Teal Dragon Healing

Teal Dragon Healing is the premier holistic healing platform dedicated to offering families an array of healing services while offering a promotional platform for entrepreneurs in the wellness and healing industries a chance to connect to those that can benefit from their powerful healing services. We are unwaveringly committed to bringing healing, compassion, authenticity, and love to the world and offer a global community that embraces the power of transformation, authenticity, compassion, and love.

A Holistic Approach to Depression Treatment

We take on the caring responsibility of nurturing each person's unique transformation, understanding that this journey is deeply personal. Our mission is to provide the power of authentic care, fostering trust and a sense of empowerment within our clients.

Teal Dragon Healing is dedicated to being a guiding force in the lives of those we serve, instilling the power of self-assurance and certainty in their pursuit of a heart-centered and genuine existence. Our mission is to offer the tools and support necessary for every individual to realize their potential and to feel the transformational power of inner strength.


Dr. Blickstein is a licensed psychiatrist and energy healer trained in Integrated Energy Therapy whose goal is to guide those rise above any low emotion, be it depression, anxiety, racing thoughts or fear and build a life that is desire-rooted and is in alignment with an individual’s connection to joy. 


Dr. Blickstein is a parent-centered child psychiatrist and understands the root of underlying causes of dysregulation generally lie in the system and works tirelessly to engage and mobilize the entire family in the care of the child. 


Treatment includes a combination of authentic communication training for parents, medication management and energy clearing techniques. Dr. Blicktein has found that the combination of above approaches has led to the fastest more sustainable results in the healing of the child and the family.  


Each assessment begins in the home and continues with an organized treatment plan. With time and commitment, each family is gently guided towards an awakened, conscious, and heart-centered life resulting in the resolutions of symptoms of resistance and discomfort. 

A Safe Space for Families


Our vision at Teal Dragon Healing is to create a world where individuals and families can feel relaxed, supported, and secure on their journey to genuine and secure mental well-being. We provide a sanctuary where clients can be themselves, free from judgment, and where their emotional and psychological security is paramount. Our commitment extends to families, helping them reconnect and create a foundation for genuine, thriving relationships, which we consider the best treatment for depression.

Holistic Care for All Ages


Adena Blickstein's expertise transcends age boundaries. She works with children, individual adults, and parents who are seeking to optimize their mental health and well-being. The families she serves desire authentic connections with their partners and children but often feel blocked. Parents who work with her seek expert guidance in determining when a child may need medication and psychiatric services or a change in school or work environment.


Dr. Blickstein’s extensive experience in child psychiatry and family therapy makes her a valuable resource for parents navigating the complex world of child mental health. With compassion and love, she assists families in making informed decisions about their children's well-being, whether it involves medication, therapy, or educational changes.

“Experience a revolution in mental well-being. Adena Blickstein's holistic assessments and compassionate approach provide genuine healing and clarity for your child’s journey."

Creating Loving Communities


Teal Dragon Healing not only brings love to individuals and families but also extends its reach to businesses, educational systems, and communities. We offer a range of services that go beyond traditional therapy to create a more loving, supportive environment in every aspect of life.

  • Child-Centered Parent Training: Our training programs empower parents to understand and connect with their children on a deeper level, fostering harmonious family dynamics.

  • Medication Management: Adena Blickstein's conservative approach to medication management ensures that clients receive the proper treatment when necessary, without unnecessary intervention.

  • Educational Advocacy: We guide navigating the educational system, helping families make informed choices that support their children's mental and emotional well-being.

  • Mental Wellness Optimization Through Nutrition: We believe in a holistic approach to mental well-being, including nutrition as an essential element in the healing process.

  • Creating a Loving Company Culture Consulting: Our business-focused services extend to fostering loving, supportive company cultures that value employee well-being and mental health.

  • Educational Consulting: Teal Dragon Healing offers educational consulting services, helping institutions create supportive, nurturing environments for their students.

  • Conscious Provider Network and Events: We are committed to building a network of conscious providers who share our values of authenticity, compassion, and love and organizing events that promote mental well-being in communities.

Serving Connecticut Communities


Teal Dragon Healing offers depression treatment services provided by Adena Blickstein in Irvington, Greenwich, CT, and Stamford, CT. We are proud to serve these communities and provide the compassionate, empathetic care they deserve.


Our commitment is not just to provide depression treatment but to be a transformative force in the lives of our clients. We aim to empower individuals and families to lead heart-centered, genuine lives. Adena Blickstein's dedication to healing, authenticity, compassion, and love is a guiding force that empowers every client on their transformational journey to mental well-being.


“Embrace the warmth and compassion you deserve. Adena Blickstein leads a journey to a more loving world, offering holistic depression treatment and a safe space for you and your family."

Join Us on the Path to Healing


If you or a loved one is struggling with depression, Teal Dragon Healing is your one-stop destination for heartfelt, empathetic, and authentic care. Our approach is not just about treating the symptoms; it's about understanding and addressing the underlying causes of emotional distress. At Teal Dragon Healing, we provide a safe, loving space for individuals, families, and businesses to thrive.


The journey to mental well-being begins with a single step. Let Adena Blickstein and Teal Dragon Healing be your guides on this transformative path. Together, we can create a world where authenticity, compassion, and love are celebrated and embraced, leading to a brighter, more harmonious future for us all. Your search for comprehensive and heartfelt depression treatment ends here at Teal Dragon Healing.


“Adena Blickstein leads the way to a brighter, harmonious world. Discover holistic depression treatment in Irvington, Greenwich CT, and Stamford CT. It's time to heal and thrive."

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