Image by Carles Rabada

The Teal Dragon Learning Lair

A global virtual school for children ages 11-18 that emphasizes integrated development to create conscious beings.

Image by Ben White

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Launching October 2021

Globalization has created a more unified human experience and it is time to appropriately scaffold our children to meet their voracious appetites for learning while guiding them towards a healthy and balanced life.  

Admission Requirements


  • Required proficiency reading and writing, and fluency in English language 


  • If currently on medication required letter from primary psychiatrist that child is stable on current medication without hospitalizations in the past year. 


  • Access to internet connection and computer 

Required Documentation:

  • Request letter of recommendation from previous teacher

  • Letter by child regarding why he would like to attend school 

  • Letter of recommendation by both parents regarding why they feel the school would be a good fit for the child. 

Core Values

  • Resilience - Emotional Regulation and Integration

  • Acceptance- Growth mindset  

  • Diversity - Open, accepting and multicultural

  • Collaboration - of larger family and community 

  • Responsibility understanding free will and taking ownership 

  • Transgenerational Multi-directional Learning 

  • Contribution - Lightworker mindset of healing of self and planet